Grow your wealth: Equity dividend rate


Cash-on-cash or the equity dividend rate, is one of the most common return formats used in the real estate industry. It is a ratio derived by dividing cash flow (before tax) by the amount of equity initially invested.


Houston real estate market offers plenty of opportunities to invest and realize very attractive returns. With my help and Clear Lending investor loan programs, you can grow your wealth exponentially.


Consider investment returns for property in Kingwood closed on 2015 with the following numbers (let me show you all information at our appointment):


Cash to close – $38,104.43

Net monthly cash flow – $339.01

Net yearly cash flow – $4,068.12


From April 2015 to February 2017 its value has grown from purchase price of $173,500 to market value of $227,691. That is an increase of $54,191. Then twenty four  months worth or rent plus its increase in value totals $62,327.24 which divided by cash to close invested $38,104.43 equals 163% in 2 years.


Return on investment after 2 years = 163%


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