What to consider when buying…



Buying a house is a complex process involving many legal and financial aspects which only an experienced agent is able to help sort them out.


Unless you are not in a budget, it is highly recommended to start the entire buying process backwards. Typical mistake occurs when buyers mistakenly assume searching on their own will help them get a better deal ignoring key market facts. Thus they start surfing online for homes with advertised low attractive monthly payments ignoring these payments do not reflect the complete picture.


Therefore to avoid being disappointed and possibly misled, it is recommended to first identify based on your monthly housing budget and desired areas, how much of a loan you qualify for. I recommend getting pre-approved with Clear Lending. An agent will contact right away to complete your pre-approval guiding and explaining all areas of concern such as different components of your proposed monthly payment, an explanation for each closing cost plus clarify any other question/concern.


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